Monday, June 26, 2006

starscape 06

this past weekend i made it out for my sixth starscape festival. it's an annual arts and electronic music festival that happens every summer at Fort Armistead park. it's from 6pm till 6am.

dancing till sunrise.

fire spinning.

breakers delight.

me, robyn and patrick on the pier.

my favorite place to dance at starscape has always been on the pier that extends over the water. this is usually the chill out or house music area. a couple of years ago there was a storm that destroyed the pier. that was sad. so we had no pier for maybe 2 or 3 starscapes. this year the pier had been rebuilt. i was so happy. the weather turned out to be great, warm and breezy, and dancing on the pier was perfect. except the moments where i would get lost in the music and the moment and look up expecting to share a big joyful 'isn't-this-perfect' smile with my girls larry, cindy and seema only to find them not there. i really did miss them that night.

eby, larry, cindy and seema working at starscape 2001.

happy birthday larry!

dark scary larrrrryyyyyyyyy. we been friends since we were little like in this photo. you had long hair that was kinda frizzy and you wouldn't let me put any "grease" in it for you. you were a creepy freaky chick. we used ta wear overalls and go to zopies and siiiiiiing "i am rain". happy birthday. love you!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the gianpicnic

dianna and i got our gians (gianmaria and gianfilippo) away from endless televised soccer games to have a picnic in rock creek park. we ate deliciousness, we played UNO wrong like retards, gianmaria pretended to poop in the bbq pit (why?), and gianfilippo is really bad at blowing bubbles.

no one would do a puzzle of a kitten with me, though. i even have a special puzzle mat for doing puzzles.

i bought my plane ticket to costa rica! i'll be there at the Pura Vida Wellness Resort and Spa for a week in august for this. hellllll yeah.

this is for larry. but you can look at it too if you want.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the sex lives of cannibals

that's the title of the book i'm halfway through. it's about this guy in his 20's who gets bored with his life and moves, with his girlfriend, to Tarawa, which is a remote island in the South Pacific in Kiribati.

any kind of travel stories are big and yummy for me and this is no exception. though, i'm not always so crazy about j. maarten's writing style. the book is a lot about his misadventures on this "tropical paradise". it sounds like a sucky place to try and live, to be honest.

when i pulled the book out on the metro to work this morning the chickie sitting next to me gasped and told me that she used to LIVE in Tarawa and that she had read that book a couples of months ago. i was really shocked. it seems that you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has even heard of Tarawa, let alone who have been there. i put away my book and we chatted and laughed the whole way to our stop. it was so cool meeting her.

yesterday and today Rachel, Yvette and I performed at the World Bank for this huge staff appreciation day they were having.

Chiaki was there, as well as my mom (who is a World Bank retiree), Myrinna (who is still staff there and is like my other mom), and a bunch of my moms old colleagues. i really really really wish i had a camera while i was onstage and could take video of mom and Myrinna in the audience while we danced. they are SO GOOFY. they clapped, they mouthed things at us, they danced along with the routines. i could barely contain myself, i wanted to double over and laugh so badly.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the hell?

i must be on the "cool new people" bar thingy on myspace cause i've just gotten six "friends" requests in the last half hour. myspace is the ghetto.

edited to specify:

13 friend requests
10 new messages

all in ONE day. and they keep coming. something is up with that. i usually get one every day or two. yonas said that my myspace url must be scrawled in a bathroom stall somewhere.

here's my favorite friend request of the day. he's a musician with a hilarious (but sadly, probably supposed to be sexy) video on his front page.

my favorite myspace pickup line of the day:

i`m not into any type of drama or games, unless you have an xbox 360 or a playstation 3.


Monday, June 12, 2006

2-0 Italy

text message from Gianma: "We won 2-0!"

my text message to Gianma: "Yay! What do we get?!?!"

email from Chiaki: "Yeeeey Italy!"

email back to Chiaki: "I hope this means free pasta for everyone today"
i've been television free for 4 and a half days. that's right, i'm quitting. i've quit once before for a month. this time it might be for good. except that i can watch netflix movies. but i'm even cutting down on that. i found that life was getting a tad too cramped full of things to do, therefore i was bordering on getting (*gasp*) stressed out. i don't let myself get stressed out, EVER. it's only happened a couple of times and that was enough to let me know that i don't want anymore. no thanks.

i've been even happier without tv :)

now everything that needs to get done gets done. there are more dance parties at my place now. (me and sahleel are the only ones at the parties, but it's all good).

i even cooked me some dinner one night. seafood OCHAZUKE!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

gonzo and animal

Saturday, June 03, 2006

get the f#*& out

did you know

in the Kyoto district of Japan, when guests have worn out their welcome say at someone's home or at a shop, the host can get rid of them in a very indirect way by offering them a certain food.

all they have to say is "why don't you stay and have some bubuzuke?".

bubuzuke is alot like ochazuke, which is a rice and green tea soup. it is delicious.

in Kyoto, it's understood that when you're visiting someone and they offer you some bubuzuke...well, they're basically asking you to bounce.

i find this hilarious. i've started using it already.

Friday, June 02, 2006

unlikey suitors

the other day i was sitting in dupont circle enjoying the heat, a new book i'm reading, and a street performer who was singing alternative rock and playing his acoustic guitar.

there was a man walking around selling flowers. he looked pretty down and out. he gave me one of his flowers and walked away leaving a trail of flattering comments. i always attract down and outs, always. but they're usually the most creative and sometimes the nicest.

twenty minutes later the flower man was back, handing me a second flower. i looked at him, confused. he pointed to a gay male couple. "it's from them". i waved and thanked them. they called over "you're beautiful like a flower". aw!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

burner in training

i've been worried about my ability to rough it, even a little bit.

this morning i had a lovely walk home from gianma's in the sun and heat to find that i had NO RUNNING WATER in my place. the a/c was already on the rocks and my apartment has been hovering between 80 and 90 degrees since it got hot out (save for my darkened bedroom where i've set up several fans for my kitty).

i really really wanted/needed a shower. my mind started racing. do i go back to gianma's with all my crap and products that i use on a daily basis to get ready there? no, i'd be late. do i go try to shower at work? no, i don't want to show up to work all funky at all.

do i even GO to work? i can't go to work without bathing and brushing my teeth...i can't.

then it started to kick in. i had a bunch of wet wipes meant for cleaning oneself up. i took a pretty thorough "bath" with those and found myself to be pretty clean. after all, me and larry did go through that stint junior year where we barely bathed every other day. i was cleaner now than back then. then i found the makeup removing/facial cleansing cloths i use after gigs and washed my face.

there was half a cup of water left in the Brita pitcher. i microwaved it and used it to brush my teeth.

sahleel still had fresh water from the night before. i plunked a couple of ice cubes in his water bowl.

i'm ready to burn the man!!!

or not.

what this post proves is what a pansy i am. i'm not girly, i don't even wear makeup. but, i do use alot of products.

my main burning man concern is the port o potties. i really like clean and comfortable restrooms.

if i go...

i think this will be really good for me.