Monday, October 23, 2006

people need to realize that we are a sophisticated couple. we are like this everyday. fuckin' loungin' and looking good and smoking cigars and drinking grappa. every night. flying to different countries for dinner. turning heads and stuff. that's why i spend so much time being a busy black business we can jet set and show stop...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

here's some pics from our show two sundays ago

chiaki being graceful

nanna candelaria, our guest artist

"laura loo"

ami's performance was my mom's favorite

my favorite raqs east choreography

the triplets doing my favorite move that they do


raqs sahara doing an aida noor original

fun show!

this past sunday me and chiaki were heading out to maryland to snoop around ikea and hang out with my mom. while chiaki and i were driving up to burtonsville i was on the phone with my mom and she mentioned that she wanted to take us to a new "vietnamese soup" restaurant. "you mean pho?" i asked and immediately regreted opening my mouth and braced myself for the seizure that i knew chiaki would (and did) have in the passenger seat upon hearing the word...pho.

i surrendered to their pho cravings. lo and behold, my mom brings us to this new pho restaurant called "Pho Real". for was called..."Pho Real". awesome. my friend Dee Dee and i had spent time and effort coming up with pho restaurant names like pho real, pho sho, and pho 99 (where all of the pho is 4.99) and these vietnamese guys ripped our name.

unfortunately "Pho Real" was closed, and we had to go to Pho 88. i'm still not sure how i feel about pho. when i first start eating pho it is magically delicious, but 15 minutes later it is no longer any good. salty misery. even though i got the small serving. i will try it again, though, pho sho. *snort*

Friday, October 06, 2006

you are now free to move about

i am now free to go where i want, when i want (kinda). because ollie the trollie...or ollie the car is all better! i got ma dang car fixed, finally. i spent all summer without my whip, but it wasn't half bad. i did a lot more bus, metro and bike riding and walking. summer in the city is a nice time for getting around that way. but now that it's getting chillier, it'll be better to be with ollie. i gotta pat myself on the back for buying my own parts (it's half the price of letting the shop order them for you, wish i had known all along) and only paying for labor.

in other news, still been dancing up a storm. last sunday i performed alongside of Pop Raqs DC at the Crafty Bastards Festival 06. the bboy battle was great. i heart bboys. a duo called "team japan" won this year.

this coming sunday i'll be performing in the raqs sahara showcase featuring Nanna Candelaria. i plan on doing something glitchy... ami suggests that i wear tin foil. hmmmmmm.

in other dance news. i'm gonna be in a book! least my likeness will be. check out roger wood's "Basic Production for Belly Dance". if you click through you'll see that i'm the chapter image for "A Production"...yonas said i like look someone is dangling food in front of i like food, so what!