Saturday, September 22, 2007

my neighbors are JERKS.

why? because when the weather is nice they throw raging parties in their yard. they are INSANELY loud...and they never invite ME to play.

but then again, i don't even know who or where they are. they could be on my street or one street over, but we share an alley. their parties are loud enough to probably hear all over Mount Pleasant. when they have these frat-sounding-parties i'm usually in my apartment resting after a gig. (great falls, virginia is freaking scary by the way, scary-dark-woods-bears-wolves-chasing-my-car).

at the party, they just finished screaming "say it ain't so" by weezer at the very tip top of their drunk lungs. that did make me smile and sing along from my bed. i didn't know other people liked that song as much as i do.

JERKS...i should totally call the cops!

Friday, September 14, 2007

it looks as though my vacation fun for 07 has come to a close (or has it?). this year i caught up with college girlfriends in the cayman islands, had fun in vegas with dianna and the italians, danced and beached in miami, danced some more in canada, drove along the coast of california (and attended my favorite wedding ever), saw my old friend emil get hitched in jamaica, and rested and laughed my ass off in costa rica.

on the beach in jamaica

view from the villa porch

some pics from costa rica

costa rica slide show (use the orange arrows)

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while i was in costa rica, sahleel baby turned three years old

while i was in boston for work, eleanora and beatrice (family friends of gianma's) from italy lived in my apartment. i got back in time to go to the adams morgan day festival with them. eleanora, beatrice, gianma, me, yonas, sara, dianna, gianfillipo and seba had a fun day together. the italian girls got new piercings. in the evening chiaki and alvaro brought their new doggies and met up with us for walking around adams morgan and then some dinner at a hooka bar.

yonas' photos from adams morgan day here