Thursday, December 20, 2007

sundays annual SD student showcase

ami's super cutie intro to tribal class waiting to step on stage for the first time. they made her proud.

raqs east made me want to be in raqs east again.

raqs west performed an urban fusion piece dreamed up by me. i'm so thankful and lucky that they're down for doing this fun and crazy stuff...

um, yeah, i made them..."battle". and they were like "sure, let's do this thing". and the crowd (including myself) went nuts for it. so fun!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

this week in ebyland

"who see justin levitatin' say yaaayUHHH (yaaayUHHH)"

sahara dance holiday hafla

it was tons of fun

Monday, December 03, 2007

more m.i.a love

i did go to the second m.i.a show at sonar on friday and it was bumpin.

the line to get in went all the way around the block. it was then that i realized that i no longer have the spunk i had 7 years ago to choose a convenient spot in line and blend in. just couldn't. i ain't got it no more. stood in line and froze for an hour instead.

opening acts grated on my nerves so goddamn bad.

right before m.i.a went on i ran into my old friends walter and marni. i was so glad to see them. then i found adrian and ayo, too.

sonar was ridiculously packed and marni had the nerve to want to head to the front. "girl i been doing this for 15 years" she said, so i followed her.

m.i.a has some ROWDY assed fans. i did make it to the front, and lost marni and walter in the process. it was dangerous. the crowd would suddenly sweep 6 feet to one side, taking you with it, like water. people were not careful and i was sure that i'd leave with a black eye or a tooth knocked out.

once i got used to the crowd i ended up going crazy through her whole set. she just got us so animated. me and the girl beside me became best friends during the show. screaming the lyrics with our hands around each others shoulders, jumping up and down in unison, dancing together. it's so fun when that happens, when you meet some total stranger who is as impassioned as you are about what's going on at the moment. we had a blast.

i'm so glad i went. slept for 5 hours. then taught 2 fun hours of class.

below are the video's for m.i.a's song "bucky done gone" (which makes me go positively insane dancing) and "boys" off her new album (which is such a freaking HOT album...i mean godang, how many awesome songs can you have on one album girl? sick!)

how many how many boys are crazy?
how many boys are raw?
how many how many boys are rowdy?
how many start a war?