Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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i am reluctantly back from my 4th winter music conference. i won't bore you with the tedious details of days on the beach, afternoons lounging at hotel terrace parties, and crazy nights of dancing and laughing, i have a travel journal for that.

okay, maybe a little...

yes, i stayed in an all boy room my first night at the hostel, but they turned out to be two very cool german boys...and one well mannered american who i learned had gotten stole in the face by my friend amir previously. however, trying to change clothes wrapped in a towel was a pain in the ass so i switched to a girls room which i shared with two sweet irish girls who slept alot.

the pics in slideshow above are of what went on during the day. i never took the camera out at night. someone needs to invent a camera small enough for me to go dancing with. maybe it can be like a ring...or a necklace?

some of my favorite moments of the week:

tortured soul at nikki beach. amazing live house music band. the lead singer plays the hell out of the drums and sings his ass off simultaneously.

meeting bassnectar at the OM Records party. he was just standing there by himself when i walked over to him. we took some pics together and he decided that he wanted to smoosh his face into my hair.

getting krunk with my little brother and all of his friends

hanging out with marcia all week and getting to kick it with mona

finding a waiters tray at a party and dancing with it for my friend emil (only he will get this)

getting to hang with amir and see johann again (and meet kea)

worst moment of the week:

getting a stomach virus on the last afternoon of my vacation.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

miami bound as of this evening.

unfortunately, i broke my camera on thursday night rehearsing for the show. so there were to be no photographic wmc memories.

...but then dianna offered me her camera. now tell me, would YOUR friends do that? volunteer their digital camera for your vacation? nope, didn't think so. one of the many reasons that dianna rules.


Monday, March 19, 2007

last week was crazy busy. 2 evenings of teaching classes (including choreographing for raqs west), 2 evenings of preparing for a show, one evening of troupe rehearsal - performing in a show - coming home at 130am to choreograph - getting to bed at 3 - and waking up at 8:10am to teach 2 classes.

by noon on saturday i was done dancing.

i spent the afternoon with gianma's family having one of those extended italian lunches that seems like 3 meals in one.

late in the afternoon i snuggled up on my couch with a pint of ice cream, a bag of doritos, and a blanket and watched Harold and Maude. then i took a delicious nap. pure heaven.

later that night, at chickens house, i found myself entwined in a very confusing conversation with seba. some of it was in english, some in spanish, and a few words in italian. eventually seba was gone, dianna was asleep on the couch, and gianma was singing to her and playing the guitar. then cougar and cobra were after me again and in a drunken whirl i remember trying to get away and then ending up on the floor with my arm hurting. once i shook that off, there was an inpromptu dance party. gianfilippo was wearing my winter coat on his head and doing a special dance while hovering over dianna (still asleep), and gianma was doing the most hilarious dance. i have not laughed that hard in MONTHS.

made it to bed at 4am and by 1pm we were up and out and buying sandwiches, chips, and juice to share with the gang at chickens house because some old cockamamie soccer games were going to be on all afternoon. dianna made bloody marys, we played a fun game of scrabble while the boys cursed at the television set, then we all broke out for a few hours to run errands.

that evening dianna made a delicious dinner for the four of us. we busted open the red wine and had had pecorino, salami, artichokes, olives and bread with oil. then, spinach and citrus salad with shaved parmesan. the main course was a beef short rib stew that she'd been cooking for like 3 hours. SO GOOD! then we had cheesecake.

i love food. food, will you marry me?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

back from vacation again

this time i went to vegas. vegas can be kinda lame if you're 18 and on a family trip with annoying little cousins and slow walking aunts and the main focus is scarfing at buffets. vegas can be a blast if you're 24 and up till 6am every morning with college buddies.

vegas is funny if you go with the gian's and dianna. we had a great time lounging at the pool, gambling away our money (i won't even go there), riding rollercoasters, and generally doing vegas.

the gian's and dianna got to experience their first buffet at the Bellagio. though dianna was very excited, the whole thing didn't go over that well with the gian's. i don't even know what i was thinking, i temporarily forgot how italians are about food. you can't take an italian to a buffet. you just can't. they won't like it...they can't like it.

the trip was too short. we were not happy to be leaving on sunday night. we still had tons more stuff we wanted to do and see. red square, red rock canyon, freemont street...*sigh*...and will i EVER get to see "O" again?

early on, the gian's started kicking around some cockamamie plan about taking dianna and i out to "dead valley" (meaning death valley) and killing us and disposing of our bodies in the desert. eventually, they became obsessed with the scheme and would not shut up about it. chicken saw a hat with a silver cobra on it in a gift shop and shortly thereafter disposed of the name "chicken" and insisted that we all start calling him...cobra. the monkey started to feel that he was more like a cougar than a monkey.

here is a slice of what it is like for me and dianna to deal with boys like this.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

more cayman island...

Friday, March 02, 2007

the four of us had a little cake and champagne party for gianfilippo last night. dianna made a deLICIOUS cake. gianma bought some champagne that he said that all the rappers in Italy like to drink...

...i'll get in trouble if they see this...