Wednesday, February 28, 2007

awake for no good reason

it's almost 2am and i'm awake. there is no good explanation for this except that youtube has me in it's death grip right now. i'm not even up finishing up the two movies (Talladega Nights and Marie Antoinette) that i watched only halves of because i passed out exhausted on both of them. (don't ask why i moved on to a new movie before finishing the first).

it would be more acceptable if i was doing something like what's in the video i will embed, instead i'm on youtube WATCHING people do what i should be doing if i'm up at 2am on a work night. *sigh*

since it's 2am and i'm blogging. i will share that on my vacation...i snorkeled. for most, this is not a big deal, but check out this past blog post. it IS a big deal. i snorkeled! thanks to larry who held my hand through the beginning of it. i think i did end up hurting a nice sting rays feelings, though.

i'm not having post vacation depression either.

yesterday i went to work, bought a ticket to Canada for a bellydance conference i'll be attending with my friends in April, went to a spinning class, had a late dinner with gianma at Grill From Ipanema (yummy good), went for more drinks and to see our friends Sepi and Ruben at Tryst, went home and tried to tune gianma's non functioning new violin, passed out trying to watch Marie Antoinette (from the beginning, for the second time).

today, went to work, bought my ticket to Miami for WMC, went to Military Challenge class, danced at Marrakesh Palace, met with Chiaki for a late dinner (Thai, her favorite), got home at 11 and proceeded to waste time up until this point. night night.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

back from vacation

too lazy to upload my own photos right now.

check out vibegrrl's (known to you as larry) slideshow of our Carribean getaway.

Friday, February 09, 2007

aight so, there's been this song on the radio for...i guess a couple of months. it's pretty popular and gets heavy rotation on everything from the local adult contemporary to the teen pop stations. first thousand times i heard this song in my car i literally (no seriously) was like "shut the FUCK up" and switched the station. i think i even called the singer a "little bitch" a couple of times...what? he was whining to beat the band.

then i found out the the singer is Robin Thicke. do you remember freaking Growing Pains? (we got each other sharing the laughter and loooooove) remember the dad from that show? Alan Thicke? this is his SON. okay, so is it prejudiced that now that i know this...i LIKE the aforementioned song? i'm mesmerized that Alan Thicke's son can make such whiny bitch r&b music. so conflicting.

in other guilty music pleasure thoughts...i still totally love Promise by Ciara. although as soon as i heard the song i thought "dang...did Aaliyah come back to make another album the way Tupac keeps doing?" the video is even hotter than the song...the video makes both guys and girls go "godzzANGG!" but, even the video reminds of of something Aaliyah would have done (but classier) if she was still here.

anywho. wack assed R. Kelley did a remix of this song with Ciara. it is sooooo wack. it is the epitome of wacktification. he is like "make you scream like michael jackson eeeeeeeee eeeeeee". again in my car, i'm like "shut the FUCK up". i can't stand him, i can't stand the sound of his voice, why is he still around? screwing up perfectly good guilty pleasure pop songs.

i'm with my girl esthero on this one:

Tell me why
A grown man can rape a little girl but we
Still hear his shit on the radio
A grown-ass man can videotape a little girl but we
Still see his mug up on our video screens

-We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution (2004)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

snatched from my favorite blog:

    The Indian Staring Project. I heard on the BBC this morning about a woman in India who organized 35 women to sit together along a busy street, where men usually go to stare at women. These women spent the day staring at men as they walked by, to make a statement about the cultural practice of men in India staring and harassing women on the street. Men who were “caught” in the project were interviewed and said that being stared at by 35 women was upsetting and made them feel self-conscious. They agreed that it was an effective way to get them to understand how it makes women feel to be stared at like objects everywhere we go.

that is so brilliant! i should totally follow their lead here in DC and start asking grown men on the street why they're not smiling (oh, could it be because you have a real life to ponder instead of daydreaming about flowers and puppies and girls all day?). hmmmmm.

Friday, February 02, 2007

double dang. i keep forgetting to write on ma blog!

ain't nothing going on but a bunch of dancing, working, hanging with my peeps and (NEW) working out at the gym and hobbling around sore for days afterwards.

a couple of weeks ago, sahara dance brought the indigo to DC to feature Le Serpent Rouge, their newest work in progress.

i can only say that i don't think i've been that entertained and happy in a very long time. i felt like a little girl at the circus. i was lucky to view the show two nights in a row and then sit around with the girls watching the video of their show while scarfing bowls of mac n cheese. i still think about certain numbers in the show and sigh in wonder or giggle at their antics.

rachel brice has long been my favorite belly dancer. she was as amazing for this show as ever. i had never seen zoe or mardi perform before and i was pretty blown away by them both. mardi's got the longest, smoothest most beautiful white belly, rippling and undulating for days. and zoe?!?!? the hell?!??! i can't even explain. her dancing is beautiful and slightly scary. after the show i told her that she looks like a murderous, drugged out bird when she dances. i love it! i'm sad that i missed out on workshops with mardi and zoe, but i did get in one butt-kicking day with RB.