Tuesday, December 13, 2005

all about eby

Name:Uncle Eboneezer
Birthdate:15 July 1976
Birthplace:McKeesport, PA but I'm ashamed of this
Current Location:Washington DC
Eye Color:light brown
Hair Color:brown
Weight:110, i think
Piercings:both ears and tongue
Tatoos:i'll be getting henna ones to match kumie's
Overused Phraze:this is DELICIOUS
Food:cheese, olives, potatos
Candy:chocolate covered pretzels
Color:teal, turquoise
Animal:sahleel baby kitty
Drink:juice! and now that i'm an adult i can drink as much as i want!
Alcohol Drink:right now, mimosa, no pulp
Bagel:bagels with cheese in 'em
Letter:E (as in E licious)
Body Part on Opposite sex:cheeks - on their face - for kissing
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:i don't really drink too much soderrrrr
McDonalds or BurgerKing:MAC donalds
Strawberry or Watermelon:strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:iced tea with suga
Chocolate or Vanillavanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:hot chocolate - but not made with water - i mean wtf?
Kiss or Hug:kisssssses
Dog or Cat:kitty
Rap or Punk:rap
Summer or Winter:summer - especially july
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:funny - i'm chicken and can't watch scaries
Love or Money:love
Bedtime:usually around 1am
Most Missed Memory:summers with grandparents
Best phyiscal feature:lips
First Thought Waking Up:sahleeeeeeeel baaaaby????
Goal for this year:do lots of art projects, make some BIG plans
Best Friends:mom, larry, sai
Weakness:salty food, cute baby animals, warm places...
Fears:losing mom
Heritage:I am Gullah. I also have Native American and European lineage.
Ever Drank:hell yeah
Ever Smoked:i have
Pot:i freakin chop up tape men and SMOKE THOSE.
Ever been Drunk:yes
Ever been beaten up:NO, who'd wanna hit ME?
Ever beaten someone up:i tried to beat up emil and chad after wathching Kill Bill
Ever Skinny Dipped:yup, in brazil
Favorite Eye Color:brown
Favorite Hair Color:jet black
Short or Long:either
Height:a little taller than me, but not too tall
Looks or Personality:must have both
Hot or Cutehot
Drugs and Alcohol:neither would be awesome
Muscular or Really Skinny:either, as long as you take care of yourself
Number of Regrets in the Past:probably lots of little tiny ones
What country do you want to Visit:japan
How do you want to Die:in my sleep, and i don't wanna be buried
Been to the Mall Lately:nope, but i'll be all up in there soon
Do you like Thunderstorms:no, i'm ascared! make them stop!
Get along with your Parents:yes! my mom is awesome!
Health Freak:i take good care of myself
Do you think your Attractive:yes i do
Believe in Yourself:yes, but i could do better at this
Want to go to College:hmmm, depends...
Do you Drink:sometimes, but i probably should stop
Shower Daily:yes
Been in Love:yes, twice, and it was amazing, and i'll always be close friends with both of them
Do you Sing:yes, i sing "rainbow connection" to sahleel at night
Want to get Married:yes, but later, when i'm like 34
Do you want Children:maybe one, but MUCH later, when i'm like 35
Have your future kids names planned out:not really, but they'd be very unique names
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:what's virginity?
Hate anyone:nope