Tuesday, April 25, 2006

eby want blythe

Thursday, April 20, 2006

scared of stuff

i have some irrational fears.

some of those fears include the great outdoors, wild animals, being cold, and some bodies of water.

exactly five years ago, on this day, i was confronted with a bunch of those fears.

my dear friend (boyfriend at the time) chad and i were driving across country and found ourselves at the gates of Yellowstone National Park. it was pretty nasty weather, cloudy and dark and snowing. it was also the first day that the park would be open for spring, so there was like nobody there.

Chad had been really excited about going to Yellowstone. i couldn't understand Yellowstone. how could there be wild animals roaming free up in there. and why did people want to go in there with them?

as luck might have it, chad found out that there was a natural hot spring somewhere in the park. we parked the truck and walked down a path to find this hot spring that i secretly hoped we'd never find. as we walked i shivered and kept looking around nervously for all of the bears and wolves that were hiding behind rocks and trees and waiting to pounce on me.

i remember us approaching a river that was raging with white water. i can't swim. there were about 10 hippies wading in the shallow parts. they wished us a happy four twenty. i was glad to see some people around. hopefully i could out run a couple of them if anything went down.

so, get this, i reluctantly stripped down to my bathing suit in the snow! Chad coaxed me into the water little by little. but that shit was NOT nice. this hot spring was burning hot in some spots and freezing cold in others. the water was violently pushing me around and i just knew that i was gonna drown. my upper body was freezing, and i could sense the bears and wolves getting closer as they sensed my vulnerability...

it was too much scary stimuli for me. and i freaked out and started to cry.

chad wasn't upset, he threw me over his shoulder and got me back to the truck. it's a really funny story when he tells it.

ironic thing is that i've always wanted to be outdoorsy. in fact, i usually end up dating outdoorsy types of guys. it's just a long road to hoe, i guess. i'm scared of stuff. no one in my family camps out. as my friend Lisa's mom said "i used to have to do all of that stuff...why do i want to pretend to do it now?". i do wish i grew up doing more things in the outdoors, though. then maybe i'd be less scared of things that i should be enjoying.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

get hyphy

while in miami i got to hang out with my little brother (he's 24). i only met my brother a few years ago. he came lookin' for me. i was skeptical about having siblings at first, but man i lucked out. he is so cool. and he's ridiculously good looking, he's a model, even. it was so cool the first time we went dancing together. he started popping and locking and i was like "woah! i like to do that too!" it was too perfect a moment.

a couple of days after getting home from WMC i got to see roni size here in DC. i love me some roni size, for real, for real. gianmaria peed in the urinal RIGHT NEXT to the urinal that roni size was peeing in. he said that he's short. i have to laugh at gianma calling someone short. i didn't like dj marky's set that much. and i'm not ashamed to admit that LK is my favorite dnb song. that song mesmerized me the first couple times i heard it, i still love it.

we brought home my old nintendo (the REALLY old one) that had been in my moms basement for over 10 years. gianma keeps playing the hell out of Super Mario Brothers. but yo...he says some messed up stuff to the characters in the game when he's playing it. he usually says nice stuff, but...not when he's playing Super Mario Brothers.

i'm thinking about going to Burning Man this summer. i don't know if i can really handle it...but man that would be something!

i went to a party at vibegrrl (who also doubles as my best friend, Larry) and raven's place. when i got there people were talking all crazy. talking about how we should all go out and ghost ride the whip. i could not get a straight answer about wtf they were talking about for like 10 minutes. they did say that it was part of the new hyphy movement. it seemed like this was something that i should know about. they wanted to use my car to do whatever it was. we never got around to it. expect to hear about lots of suburban kids wrecking their parents' cars this summer doing this.

check out Betty Boop doing Amerie! cuuuuute!