Wednesday, August 24, 2005

oh mùj teplý vdolku, všechno je špatnì

me: "what are we getting?"

Lucian: "shooooopperrrrrrrrs!"

me: "yeah, but, what are we getting?"

Lucian: "...shopperrrs???..."

confused, i start pulling my car into an empty parking spot. one of the guys in my back seat also starts chiming in "shoppers! shopperrrrs!" and starts pointing excitedly at the Shoppers Food Warehouse store. so i'm even more confused now. " guys want me to drive INTO the store?".

this was last night, somewhere in virginia, beer run on the way to a party with Lucky and 3 of his czech roomates.

turned out to be a birthday party. mostly university students from the czech republic working here as lifeguards for the summer. there was alot of really wack czech music and funny, animated dancing. all the kids were cool, and it was alot of fun, i have to say. especially when i started to loudly sing along with one of the songs being played and Lucky doubled over laughing. turns out i was yelling something very vulgar over and over again.

so then i guess the Czech national anthem comes on the boombox and shortly after i notice the birthday girl standing in the center of the room and a line of people waiting to kiss and greet her and give her gifts. i had never seen this tradition before. i asked Lucky about it. he said that this is what people do at birthdays "you do not do this?". i got really excited about it. what a good idea. i want people to do this at MY birthday. so i jump up and get in line too! i give her kisses and a hug. :)