Saturday, March 29, 2008


lots of love to you forever natalia and fede.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


last night's show was the funnest show that i've seen, let alone been a part of, in a long time. it was a fabulous circus of of dancing, music making, poetry, and playing with fire. i was mesmerized. kaihea has some seriously talented and wacky folks who really care about her. we had a ball, the show sold out, and even at the end folks were showering and launching all kinds of money on to the stage in support of kaihea.

i pray that some of the photographers will share their photos so i can post them.

talk about being inspired :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

man, i been dancing my ass off.

the past week of teaching classes, raqs sahara rehearsal, teaching a 2 hour workshop, being "the bellydancer" at a couple of vodka promotion events over the weekend, and working it out at the gym left me sore and barely able to walk up stairs and...almost nodding off while driving. not complaining, though, it is fun, and i'm not really dancing my ass off, it is still intact :)

yesterday and today i get to rest, but it all kicks back in like a turbo booster tomorrow and at a higher gear. i got all kindsa work to do. including 3 days of getting my butt kicked by the indigo workshops.

i really need a vacation. by this time last year i had gone to vegas, grand cayman and was packing for winter music conference in miami. i got nothing, i need to GIT.

p.s - come to fire in the belly 2 at palace of wonders this wednesday. we are a group of dancers, fire artists and more performing for kaihea who is in a battle with cancer. not only is it a great thing to support, but this show is going to be crazy fun.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

xbox and gin...

...brings crazy fools into your house after 3am. what could i do but climb out of bed, put on my furry slippers and come down to play. i was so happy to see dem bwoys!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

happy birthday chicken

this weekend we celebrated the anniversary of mrs. cameli giving us our chicken. we celebrated with brunch at the new Ulah Bistro and then with cake and champagne in the evening.

we celebrated for a loooong time. by the time me, monkey and manel were driving home down Georgia Ave it was about 5am and the boys were hungry. we stopped at this dark diner over by the 930 club that i'd always wondered about. it always looked abandoned and kinda scary. we pulled over and peeked in the windows to see people eating. the place was like a time warp. the boys ordered 2 entrees each, ate it all up and wanted more. guess we'll be back.

that's manel at the diner. he lives in the basement apartment below our house. he's our bubby, now. hi bubby!