Monday, January 05, 2009

well, i am loving it here.

everything that i've eaten has been SO good that i dream about the food at night.

funny thing is, at home i don't eat much chinese food. but here, i love it.

the BEST thing that i've eaten so far? wait for it. fried lamb. i know that sounds wrong, but O...M...G. no yonas, don't try to do it yourself. something about the way they marinated it and spiced it and fried it up. lordy, it was crispy on the outside and lamby on the inside. hooooo.

i love how at the hotel i can eat savory chinese breakfasts. there is sooo much stuff on the buffet. our host always feeds us a delicious chinese lunch, then at night takes us out for dinner. i had peking duck in Peking!

i teach for 2 hours a day. the students are so gracious and attentive. today me and brian went sightseeing to the "birds nest stadium" and the "water cube".


Blogger yh said...

Hmmm....fried lamb, huh? Interesting. Do you know what type of oil they used? And the seasoning? I need more details.

1:36 PM  

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