Friday, November 30, 2007

urvashi dancing with her snake at tribal cafe at asylum bar in dc.

m.i.a last night at 930 club.

when i realized that the show was sold out i was not happy because i hadn't bought a ticket. then i found out that she'd added a show in baltimore. i promptly bought one. when i talked to gianma on the phone later that day and told him about the ticket he was less than pleased. actually there was awkward silence. then "whyyyy don't you JUST MIND YOUR BUSINESS AAAAABONNEEEE!!"

turns out the sweetie got us tickets and was going to take me to dinner and let me cry about how i was gonna miss the m.i.a show then surprise me.

so, i'm going again tonight...i think.

great show, for sure. here's an interview where she's damn tired of peeps not recognizing what they need ta recogniiiiize.

Friday, November 23, 2007

japanese/italian non turkey thanksgiving day

unfortunately, i haven't charged my camera up for like a month. so i couldn't take pictures of thanksgiving dinner last night. this year marks my first thanksgiving dinner away from my family.

gianma and i headed over to the japanese house early yesterday evening. everyone was gathered in a circle around a low table that was covered by so many dishes filled with japanese food. in the center of the table was a huge steaming pot that was sitting on some sort of gas range. everyone was reaching with chopsticks and dipping things and eating things. i joined in on what i do best while gianma and naoia headed to the kitched and started doing what they do best, cookin' more food.

after an hour, gianma (clad in a pink cooking apron) served us a course of something damn good with some kinda breaded eggplant baked in cheese and tomato. godamn!

later, i served up some cinnamon rum buns that i bought at Giant, but said that i baked.

we danced off dinner at Chief Ike's while Ramon spun us some old school hip hop.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

okay, so he can cook...really well.

but i don't care! i don't want to eat italian food for thanksgiving dinner!!!!


mama, come back hooooome! my boyfriend is a dang foreignerrrrrr!

Monday, November 12, 2007

this is me and linda in our halloween costumes. she was a pirate. i was the cowardly lion, which is very fitting cause i'm scared of crap, but i try to pretend i'm not.