Tuesday, July 25, 2006

happy birthday elysa!

come watch elysa do a veil fusion routine to "float, float on" at Saharabesque! 2006 *snort* *snicker*

you should bring Sam and CoCo onstage in some outfits, too. they wanna dance. everybody wants to dance.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hatteras Beach House

*post that i wrote during my 7 days at OBX but never published*

This is the life...

11:00am - wakeup and yell threats back and forth to dianna and gianfilippo through the wall. put on swimsuit.

11:30am - eat some food and work on the jigsaw puzzle or head to the 'Reefer' and gawk open mouthed at the sheer volume of rebel flag crap being sold. consider sporting a rebel flag bikini and a huge afro at the beach.

noon - head to the beach.

3pm - head back to the house and eat more food. crouch down in front of the television and work on the jigsaw puzzle while the boys scream obsenities at the world cup game. duck when things get out of control.

4pm - hang out at the pool. watch the boys play goofy pool games.

6pm - nap time.

7pm - shower and dress and have a little dance party (i think me and gianmarciello might have been the only ones dancing, though...hmm) while seba djs.

830pm - TOPAS TIME while dinner is being grilled.

9pm - delicious dinner.

10:15pm - play with sparklers and fireworks on the deck, gaze down with curiosity at the trailer park, play uno, play Sorry (aka 'mi dispiaaaaace').

11:00 - things almost start settling down. talking, drinking, smoking, djing, more playing.

between midnight and 4am (even later/earlier for sara) people start dropping like flies.

i can't beleive there's only one evening and one full day left. i could stay here and do this all summer.

and guess who enthusiastically completed the 100 piece junior puzzle of a kitten?