Friday, May 30, 2008

ok. i have a new favorite bellydancer. last night i danced at palace of wonders and Eugenia blew my mind. she did some of the sharpest popping that i've ever seen on a bellydancer. and her stage presence is just...slammin. i've been seeing her dance for a couple of years now. but she is just busting OUT these days.

also? esthero left a comment on myspace page (squeeeeeeeeee)!

i sent her my video of me dancing to 'wikked lil grrls' and she happens to approve :-)

in case you don't know who esthero is to me. she sings my favorite song in the world called "superheroes". i love love love me some esthero.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i kinda feel like this woman.

i got this excited today at work and took it out on sai and my mom on the phone. then later at home with gianma, who probably got scared.

on friday we (raqs sahara and sahara tribal) are gonna get together at rachels house and hang out and eaaaat fooood and watch the udm video. yaaay i can't wait. i love doing that.

then on sunday the girls (me, larry, cindy, seema) are having a girls date. we might get pedicures, maybe go to artomatic, have some eats, maybe some foofy drinks, but we are definitely...definitely watching the new Sex and The City movie. seriously, when i saw the preview in the theater i howled...multiple howls. i knew it was coming out, but i had forgotten all about it until that moment. i was surprised and made a lot of noise. sorry to the other people in the theater.

then! then! SAI IS COMING HOME! oh my god i'm giddy with excitement. sai is one of my best friends from school. we've known each other since 6th grade. he's like family to me. i went away to Syracuse and he went to John Hopkins. but, after graduation i came back home and we would hang out all the time. he lived up in Baltimore so i would go up alot or he'd come down. but, we'd hang alot...

then he said he was moving to California. and i remember just crying. what was i gonna do with myself? well that was many years ago and know he's coming back to the dc area for the summer. THIS FREAKING WEEKEND. oh my god, i'm already making plans in my head. we have to do all this stuff. fun summer stuff.

gianma is glad...he called sai an "angel from heaven". this is not because my boy was being sweet, but because with sai here he thinks he's off the hook for doing stuff like going to the zoo, or taking my mom on a trip to Hershey Park. well i got something for his ass. ebys rotating list of summer activites.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Under A Desert Moon 6

it's been a hectic and fun week of rehearsing and dancing. it's a time when we all sing "see you forever" to each other at the end of each long night and make jokes about bringing air mattresses to the theater. it's a also a time when we laugh the most and stress the most. but, less stress this year, and more giggles.

here's us (raqs sahara and raqs east)

we got raqs east in on the "din daa daa" battle and took it to the big stage. i can't...even..EXPLAIN how bursting with pride and excitement i was watching this from the wings every night. i still can't believe that people will let me realize my crazy ideas :) and do it even better than i imagined.

my B2 girls. aren't they lovely?

they did me so proud

well, i'm off to florida with monkey, chicken and dianna for some relaxing. *sigh* but i can still hear the show music in my head.