Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ebonys top 4 wack internet jamz

okay, yonas told me to do this. so blame him.

i'm going to start with the BEST or the wackest internet jamz that i have discovered and enjoyed and then whittle down.

1. Why Must I Cry
by the ever talented rehdogg. the song is awful, yet catchy. i often find myself singing "whymusticrywhymusticrywhy". bonus is that rehdogg has included his deeply emotional lyrics in the comments section on youtube. super bonus is you get to see him showering with a loofa. super super bonus is that i swear at :30 he is washing his ass. needless to say, he has disabled comments.

2. Lay Your Body Down
by R-DE. the acting in this video is deliiiiciously funny. so is the fact that this R-DE has an extremely attentive body guard/chauffeur/butler. just you try to resist his sultry glances, grimaces and moves. you will be singing "lay your boday next to my bodaaayaayyy" in no time.

3. Chocolate Rain
by TayZonday. lord have mercy. one day i logged onto youtube to find that the front page had been hacked and there was nothing but Chocolate Rain and lots of parody's and remixes of the song. there was one with McGruff singing it, one with Darth Vader singing "Chocolate Reign", a white boy singing "Vanilla Snow" etc. this guys voice is really deep and he makes funny faces while he sings. the background music sounds almost like the tune from the Halloween movies. also check out Tay's karaoke version of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". good stuff.

4. Leprachaun
Okay, in order to find this funny, you have to have seen this. It's really funny, albeit in a slightly sad way. Things that put me over the edge was the guy who says "who else seen da leprachaun say yeah" and then grins at the camera in his special way, the amateur sketch, the "crackhead" theory, the special leprachaun flute passed down from "thousands of years ago by my great great grandfather"...Okay, now watch and listen to the song.

Friday, July 13, 2007

lots of pics!

gianma and i are biggity bizack from cali.

the trip was even better than we'd imagined.

we flew into san francisky on a tuesday. checked into our private hostel room and spent five minutes rolling around on the floor - laughing at the room itself. it was ridiculously small and smelled funny. had a window that wouldn't lock, led out to an alley and to top it off had a ladder leading up to it from outside...PERFECT! let's get killed!

we spent late afternoon wandering the streets and alleys of china town. when gianma started getting cranky we slipped into a dark, cluttered bar full of drunken, rowdy chinese men and sat in a corner drinking too strong gin tonics - which turned us into loud mouths. we stumbled out of china town and ambled through little italy eating small dishes at any place that had something good.

we spent three days walking (and eating) the city. we love san francisky. i got to stop by the FCBD studio, gianma got to see a manga exhibit, we got to see live electronic music on two nights, and my favorite...being able to eat bibimbap at 11pm on a weeknight. i would BE in san francisco if they'd turn the heat up over there.

friday morning - we picked up our rental car and started our descent down the california coast on highway 1. i was nervous about driving the 1, but i'd do it again, for sure. there were a few scary times, but the beauty of the coastline outshines the scary. we stopped in santa cruz for lunch, then monterey (a city that my mother fell in love with in the 70's) for wine tasting, then snacks and drinks at the much recommended nepenthe in big sur.

we finally reached San Lois Obispo for the FUNNEST WEDDING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN THE WORLD (check out the photo gallery, it's pretty rad - photos by minwin). the hotel was every bit as goofy and magical as i thought it would be.

mona and craig's wedding was my kind of wedding, for sure. i'll sum up my favorite parts.

• the wedding was on 07/07/07

• the wedding invitation was a "golden ticket" ala the chocolate factory

• the ceremony was on Avila beach - the guests casually formed two lines (think soul train) and the wedding party walked and sometimes danced down the sandy aisle to totally non-wedding music

• Markus dressed up as a roman gladiator to perform the ceremony rites between Mona and Craig

• the wedding vows were like a Dr. Seuss rhyme - we laughed, awwwed and howled at some of the verses

• the whole ceremony lasted about 10 minutes and we drove back to the reception with strangers that we'd been assigned to get to know (this is how i met Pauly - me and gianma LOVE this guy)

• there was a bellydance performance! with a sword!

Peaches (craig's sister) sang power ballad "don't stop believin'" by journey to the new bride and groom while the crowd screamed along and even held up lighters

• Mona looked sooo beautiful. her friend Janet the Planet (who also makes their burning man costumes) MADE her wedding dress.

• after the reception we after-partied into the wee hours in the madonna inn's cave rooms

photos above are by the ever talented MinWin.

yuuup, that last pic is the one and only Peaches. and i acted totally cool around her. i'm sure she was like "check out that girl. that girl ain't no crazy fan...she's just a cool cat...we should lay down some tracks together later..."

the next morning gianma and i started south again for LA, stopping in Santa Barbara to walk around the beach town and eat croissants and check out the Church of Skatan.

we spent sunday and monday in LA seeing the sites and catching up with my buddies Deo, Marlin, Hamady, Ken and Erin and making new friends - Doug and Cristina. i made Deo and Marlin take us to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. it is still SO GOOD. gianma is not so sold.

here is a slideshow of photos that we took ourselves:

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