Wednesday, February 22, 2006

valentine's day

I made this really cheezy valentine for my boyfriend. It's got a bunch of crap in it that all mean something funny to us. I think the funniest piece of it is the Ringo cookies and the hands (one black and one white) high fiving each other. See, back in the day in Italy they sold these cookies called Ringo (an oreo with one cookie being vanilla, the other chocolate) using the concept of racial harmony in their advertising. It's quite funny, there's some kids playing a soccer game and then just as the token black kid scores for his team he and his white teammate high five each other...and yes, their hands turn into a Ringo cookie. There's an awesomely cheezy theme song, too. It goes "ringo...ringo peoplllllle...we belong togeeeeetherrrr".