Tuesday, August 28, 2007

last week i was in sunny and warm jamaica for emil and kadija's wedding. i shared a beach resort villa with two married couples who were college friends of kadija. very smart, funny and sweet peeps. the villa and the beach were great, complete with our own maids/cooks. the wedding was beautiful, as well. i almost lost it to tears watching my friend emil dance to "you and i" by stevie wonder for his first dance with his new wife.

after that all hell broke lose and hurricane dean came to fuck shit up. i moved to a villa with some friends from dc that was higher up and further from the beach. our windows were boarded up and the electricity on the island was cut off. for one whole day we listened to fierce winds and rains. we heard things fly through the air and hit the roof of our villa. we kept ourselves entertained with food, drink, and stupid human tricks.

my flight was bumped from sunday to thursday. which was realllllly not going to work for me considering i had a big week ahead of me consisting of:

1. a project at work due on friday
2. saharabesque was on friday and i hadn't started choreography
3. friday was me and gianma's anniversary
4. saturday i was to fly out for costa rica

long story short, i paid 800 additional bucks to get my ass OFF that dang island and get back to my life.

even still, chad and i got stuck in memphis for a night because we missed our connection. in memphis...we had to watch some guy vomit into his coke glass in a diner.

wed and thur in dc consisted of super long days at work and late nights of dance prep. on friday i finished my work project, packed up to move offices, had a nice lunch with my monkey, took a 15 minute nap, packed and headed to the theater.

the show was SPECTABULOUS!!!!!

afterwards, me, mom, yonas, gianma, robin, ami, deedee, and lisa sat around a table at the oh so classy Ruby Tuesdays and acted up all evening.

now i'm poolside at pura vida spa. ami and i are skipping morning yoga cause...yoga bums us out. (although, i'll keep trying)

this place is amazing, for reals. this is my dream vacation. yoga and ass-kicking dance drills all day (led by Rachel Brice), saliva inducing massages every evening, and playing and frolicking with friends at night. the compound that we're on is like tropical freaking paradise to me. even the FOOD is delicious and healthy. words cannot express where were are and how sweet it is to be here.

time for dance drills!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

one reason i love summer

summertime parties...and especially summertime birthday partiiiiies.

larrys bday dinner (jaleo, penn quarter)

oh, what to wish for?

too much cute for one bday girl!

after dinner seema, larry and i had drinks at IndeBleu. where we got drunk, got loud, cried, laughed, got free drinks, ya know, the usual.

my good friend from college, forrest and his boyfriend danny came to stay with me a couple days after i got back from California and just in time for my birthday weekend.

they have a cute puppy that i fell in love with. he ate my futon a little bit...but i didn't mind cause i love him...and i can't love a futon.

the night that i turned 31 a bunch of us were hanging at chickens house. chezere made us a special birthday desert. yummmmay.

on the morning of my bday, gianmaria made us a delicious lunch of whole fish with lots of yummy stuff to go with it, and of course wine. napping was in order afterwards.

birthday dinner at sette, a local favorite.

later that night...the lounge

seemas birthday dinner and afterparty

i wish i wish i wish i was super cute...oh wait...i AM super cute!

zengo (chinatown)