Wednesday, April 18, 2007

well, i'm off to toronto today for the International Bellydance Conference of Canada.

i'm really excited. raqs sahara is performing on friday night. see the small pictures on the bottom of the flyer? that's us in red third from the right.

four days of workshops with amazing teachers, gala performances, panel discussions (which i'm really hyped about), lectures, buying crap, making new friends. fun!

Monday, April 16, 2007

yonas said that i should write restaurant reviews on my blog on account of me and friends frequenting the hell out of eateries throughout the city. however, yonas knows damn well that i'm bad at reviewing or summing things up. i fear that "wack" or "delicious" would be the extent of my descriptive abilities.

dining out in good company is one of the few things that i allow myself...or even want to splurge on financially. i could care less about cars, clothes, jewelry, makeup, tech toys, gettin' my 'hair did' or much of the other stuff that tends to swallow up cash fast. that leaves a' plenty for ridiculously expensive belly dance costumes, adventurous excursions, and...stuffing my face with my friends.

i can see you chiaki, reading this, saying "here here" and thinking "as a matter of fact, i am a bit hungry..."

so yes, i allow myself to eat anywhere and order anything that my heart desires. my hearts desires are usually reasonable. because i'm pretty damn busy (and cooking is for boys) i usually go out for dinner 2 or 3 times a week. however, things got out of hand recently.

last tuesday there was pizza and wine at sette osteria, where gianma and i are weekly regulars. wed - greek food in dupont with chiaki. thur - beer, oysters and lobster rolls at hank's with saphira, chiaki, alvaro, gio and baby luca. fri - 1230am visit to sette (praise them for serving pizza till 1am). sat -a brave endeavor of introducing gianma to Johnny Rockets, he hated it, and i wondered how i ever liked it either. sun - brunch at a trendy new french restaurant (name escapes) in Adams Morgan at the space formally known as Mantis.

so here's my review: all extremely yummy...except Johnny Rockets, which was just plain old wack.