Saturday, November 22, 2008

i've been having a recurring dream about a pancake.

it's a hot silver dollar pancake that i spread salted whipped butter onto. i pick it up with my hands and fold it in half before the butter has even melted all the way. i bite into it and wake up...

i also daydream about whiskey. somewhere on the road, in Spain, i learned that whiskey makes happiness. sickness, loneliness, fatigue and other such nuisances melt away with about 2 fingers of blended whiskey, neat.

Monday, November 17, 2008

tonights show was our last in europe.

we are in Madrid, staying at the pimpest hotel ever. it has remote control window shades and all kindsa mood lighting settings. it's pretty fly.

unfortunately, we have lobby call in about 6 hours, so i'll never get to take a bath in that nice tub.

i hope to come back to Spain sometime when i'm not working. it's been a roller coaster. i got sick, i found out that a friend in dance had passed away, i dealt with some minor dramas, and i got my wallet stolen. all that in Barcelona. the city that i most looked forward to visiting.

i'm very excited to see monkey and all of my furry friends and fam in NYC and PA.

monkey hasn't lost his goofy since i've been gone. here's him wearing rachel brookmire's coat at a party a couple of days ago (looking like gonzo the muppet, no less)

monkey and chi chi wearing each others' clothes

Friday, November 14, 2008

goodbye kaihea

i'm glad i knew you.
i hope that you have peace.
i know you'll always be dancing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tonight i tried to use the bidet in our hotel bathroom.

i don't understand it. i got my pants all wet. i don't like it...

gianma used to shake his finger and say that we americans are "nasty" for not having these things. that all we do is "smear shit around".
here in Zaragoza, Spain, they put some nasty sticky glaze on top of croissants.

this pisses me off.

i went to several shops trying to find a plain croissant.

finally, i resorted to peeling open a croissant and trying to eat just the inside. it wasn't easy and i'm still hungry.

Monday, November 10, 2008

i met lucky (lucian) while dancing to drum n bass.

he was a boy dancing crazy by himself.

i was a girl dancing crazy by myself.

i literally looked at him and decided "he's my new friend" and danced over to him.

kisses and hugs to lucky and mary. i wish we weren't so far away and could dance crazy together more.

love each other forever.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

i keep thinking it's a joke every other time i hear a man speaking french in a deep voice. i actually start chuckling like someone is doing a skit. until i remember that i'm in france. and in france, people speak french. it's not supposed to be funny.

i realize how retarded i just made myself sound. i don't care right now. i'm tired. we will have done 5 shows in 3 days by tonight.

today i was walking past a little park in the Champs-Élysées area. i was eating up on a delicious crepe avec jambon and fromage that i bought from a vendor. i saw a guy washing his hair with a bottle of water and some soap on a park bench. he wasn't homeless, just a backpacker. it's kinda cold out. i openly stared at him in admiration of his skillz.

the next show starts in 25 minutes.

i would like a nap.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

a few pics from around the castle. the place is huge, i'm not a great photographer like yonas, so my pics don't do it justice. plus, i've slacked on taking enough photos. the website gives a better idea of what it looks like.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i've never had good luck in France.

the other day i got "washed" in the french pay toilet. the french feel that peeing is something that should be paid for. they have these toilet booth/capsules that you pay 30 cents to use. when you shut the door and leave, the booth cleans itself. this is a detail that i knew, but had forgotten. to save money, some of us decided to try and cheat the pay toilets by holding the door open for the next person to go in.

so, i go into this metal vault, close the door and immediately hear water whooshing and machine noises. this is when i remembered the "cleaning" bit and started pushing on the door to try to get out. it wouldn't budge. it was like being buried alive or something and i really thought for a few seconds that i might get drowned. i finally found the little red button that releases you from the vault just as water started flooding the floor. so my shoes and the bottom of my jeans got "cleaned".

and really, why was i trying to save 30 cents? what am i? a vagabond?

so far i have danced through Newcastle, York, London, Basingstoke, Tewkesbury, Cardiff, Torquay and Brussels.

i'm sorry that i haven't had much of a chance to enjoy the nightlife in these places. well, particularly London and Brussels. after the show we're usually hungry and beat. still, i'm disappointed in myself for not getting up more in London because of the electronic music scene that has always thrived there.

some food highlights of the trip have been the lot of us going to this beautiful park in Gloucestershire and having tea in the tea room there. we had some of the most delicious, fluffy, and warm scones ever!

ok, the biggest food orgasm...maybe of the year? guys, are you listening? in Brussels. how can i put this. there is nothing...NOTHING like a belgian waffle bought from a street vendor. it is MAGIC, do you understand? it's like elves make them.

those "belgian waffles" that we eat in restaurants in the US...are NOT fucking belgian waffles.

for a real belgian waffle you will take the risk of deboarding the train that is leaving in 15 minutes to take you to France to run like a maniac through the train station and outside to the street to throw yourself onto the waffle van. 3 euros buys you two waffles that are so good that they seem impossible. it's like tasting a fairy tale. they make them fresh then put some kind of sugar on them while they're hot and this crystalizes and forms a light syrup. the thing is warm, crisp, soft on the inside, juicy and buttery. i am forever ruined.

this week we are staying at the Chateau Marouatte. Miles (our boss) has owned it for the past 20 years. it's pretty fantastic. we have 3 french cooks and they are stuffing us with deliciousness 3 times a day. the castle is full of gothic art and furniture, just the way you'd expect a castle to look on the inside.

i'll post castle photos tomorrow.