Monday, November 27, 2006

talk to the balloon

remember my "talk to la bomb" nightmare? well, at the brazilian girls show on thursday night sabina comes out covered in BALLOONS. coinkidink? i think not.

that show was the shit! my friend christine moritz opened up the night with a dj set on the main stage. i was bursting with pride. i guess lots of people in the crowd were bursting with pride as well, cause when her set ended everyone was screaming her name.

i was front and center for the main act. there was a very crazy and loud character standing next to me. he was surrounded by his friends and was the center of attention. i heard him mention a secret Esthero show and then i was up on him. we became fast friends. we danced, screamed, and sang through the whole show. i found out that ahmad (my new friend) is an avid concert goer. sabina even knew who he was as soon as she stepped foot onstage. that was the best show that i've been to since esthero earlier this spring. i saw lots of nakedness onstage cause that's what people seem to like to do at brazilian girls shows. get onstage and get naked.

after the show, ahmad, adam, sean and i hopped into my car and headed to the after party at the Be Bar where we partied till the wee hours with members of the band and swarms of people that ahmad seemed to know personally. we all finally kissed goodbye and promised to see each other sunday at the PEACHES show.

remember my friends that I stayed with in LA? mona and craig? craig’s sister is a musician called PEACHES.

i saw her live last night for the first time. she blew me away. she is the SHIT! i dig everything about this chick. the energy in the crowd was incredible. everyone was screaming out all the lyrics. i seriously wish she’d come back and do it again next week. again again again! ahmad is going to Charlottesville tonight to see her again. i was hoping to meet her last night, so ahmad and I hung around for a long time after the show, but we got no peaches.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

talk to la bomb

i have been sick with a cold since sunday. i'm just starting to recover. i should really stay in and rest but...

there's a ridiculous amount of fun activity going on tonight, due to there being no work tomorrow...on account of thanksgiving day. there's the gathering, which will be delicious house music all night long. then, there's cool whip featuring krafy kuts which gianma has been excited about for a whole two weeks. dj dara and others will be at FIVE. and finally, brazilian girls, dj craze, lovegrove and feelgood are gonna be at sonar. buuuut, i know i'm not going to baltimore tonight. plus, i'm going to see brazilian girls on thanksgiving night.

if this tab of benadryl doesn't make me feel like a brand new black lady...then i'm probably staying in tonight...eating paprika'd pasta...drinkin' blue gatorade...watchin' Annie.

i hear chickenfilippo is back from saudi arabia. i can't wait to see him. chiaki, on the other hand is still in egypt. she hasn't even written to me. that's probably why i caught a cold, cause i was eating Coldstone ice cream alllll byyyy myseeeelf in the rain. and that's why i'll have to stay in tonight and cry while the whole world is dancing. stealing my dance moves, no less, and dancing them.

my mom is going on vacation by herself next week. out of the country. it's okay for ME to go places by myself. but, i just don't know about this. she is so little.

when i was in LA, a new friend i made there hooked me up with a copy of the Brazilian Girls' new cd "Talk To La Bomb" and i've been playing it nonstop. last night i dreamt that i was being followed by an orange helium balloon with a pumpkin face on it. it kept saying in this high pitched eery voice "taaalllk to meeee". and i was like "what do you want me to SAY?" and i was really nervous about this balloon persuing me. i wonder if it has anything to do with the title track.

Talk to the bomb
To the bomb in its shell
Talk to the bomb
Will we go to hell?
It has never been easy
Talk to the bomb
To the bomb.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

last night me and mom had fun making meals at Dream Dinners. we went around to 'stations' where fresh ingredients were already prepped (diced, sliced, chopped etc.) and created our own meals based on the provided recipes. i can't cook worth a damn, but even i could do this, and i only screwed up like...once. first, me and mom made "shrimp scampi with artichokes" together. then we went to different stations and all by myself i made "homestyle chicken and dumplings" and "marinated flank steak with mushroom sauce". maybe i'll impress the monkey with my homestyle chicken and dumplings. he'll eat his words...which were (include thick roman accent) " is a none of your business what a goes on in a kitchen". geez, you serve a couple of undercooked and expired eggs, fry smoked salmon just to "warm it up", and try to cook raw chicken in a toaster oven and you never ever live it down.

after that i stopped by moms house to shower her with gifts from Costa Rica and Anaheim that had been sitting around my apartment. sahleeel ignores me...

i had to stop by the studio, too but eventually i found myself home and pretty tired at around 11pm. was drum and bass night at FIVE...and that only happens once a month. out i went. and i was so glad i did. gianma and i ran into friends and started off the night right at the lounge where see-i was playing. i was having a great time there, but soon it was time to move the party next door to FIVE. i had an okay time, eventually i was just so tired and hungry because i hadn't even stopped to eat dinner at any point. we headed home and at around 230am and gianma started cooking up a storm. sauteeing garlic and cooking omelets with pico de gallo with a side of smoked salmon and toast. he was making a damn mess but who could complain?

here's some of the pretty fall foilage near my home.

...when autumn leaves are faaaaalliiiing

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i can't stop laughing at the image of a cereal box with the cartoon tiger...

olive2G: dang, this is alot of beans and rice and i'm almost done
olive2G: the package says i ate 4 servings
Yonas: dang.....somebody's gonna be Farty McGassalot
olive2G: hahhhaha
olive2G: as much fiber as i normally get, some beans and rice ain't gonna do much more
Yonas: you got a point there.
Yonas: with your Fiber Crunch cereal
olive2G: Colon Blow cereal
Yonas: Fiber Flakes with a cartoon tiger taking a crap
Yonas: Ass Blast with marshmellows
Yonas: Dookie Crisp
Yonas: Crapple Jacks

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween on both coasts

i'm just back from a week in Anaheim for a fun work conference. when i wasn't working my booth i was sunning myself at the pool, crying on rides at Disneyland, hanging with my coworkers and chilling in my hotel room. i love staying in hotels, it's good clean fun. before and after the conference i got to spend some much overdue time with a handful of close friends who live in the LA area.

i got to spend a day with my boy Deo and his group of crazy friends who i love. i consider Deo one of my bestest buddies. i went to an insane halloween party in downtown LA with Craig and Mona. their friends live in this huge commercial space and have like 15 couches and all of this kitschy decorating going on. it's mind blowing that it's not a club, it's their HOME. we danced till the morning. i made fun friends.

i got to have lunch with Ken and Erin. then Craig and Mona took me to Venice beach to see all of that craziness at sunset. man that place is electric. there's roller skaters, dancers, drummers, old men with a thousand dogs belting out folk songs at the top of their lungs. i even got to buy my monkey boy a special gift from one of the shops there. i got to hang out with some more fun LA characters back at Mona and Craigs' place. then i went to have dinner with Hamady, who i've been close friends with since 3rd grade, but hadn't spoken to in three years.

i got no break once i got back to DC. i had to teach tribal for 2 hours on tuesday night, bust my ass to get back home, don my fabulous rainbow brite costume and high tail it to the Blue Room for a porno halloween party (although rainbow brite is pure and used her wand to zap those movies they were playing on the walls, naughty and bad). yaaaaaay fun. my boy gianma was on the 1's and 2's spinning drum and bass that made everyone crazy. what a fun week! i want to do it again. again again!

here's all my pics.

below are some very short and fuzzy clips i took with my digital camera at Venice beach. (hopefully they work)

this girl was randomly dancing at a bus stop. she had on headphones. she was my hero of the day. i should have gone to her and told her that i understand and that i feel the same way. next time.

roller skater girl.

me excitedly approaching the drum circle.

in the drum circle.