Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ripped jeans

I tried to put these jeans on Tuesday morning.

Those joints didn't even fit tight to begin with.

They didn't even rip at a seam.

They ripped in the middle of the thigh.

And as you can't see, that's not a little rip. That's an incredible hulk getting angry rip.

Just wrong.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

grilled, not toasted

it's not right to put "grilled cheese sandwich" on a menu and get eby allllll excited for some of her favorite deliciousness and then not deliver. toasted cheese is not the same thing as grilled cheese, okay? the trendy folks over at Lucky Strike ought to know that. if they weren't so busy trying to keep out bowling gangsta's with that goofy dress code then they'd have time to look up "grilled cheese sandwich" in a cookbook. bah! that mess about cut up my gums. :(

Friday, January 06, 2006

new years weekend was one long day

at the stroke of midnight on new years i was passed the hell out on my couch. me and sahleel had been curled up with our blankies trying to stay awake to watch the ball drop in Times Square. but, we was sleepin' like big dogs. we woke up a couple minutes later, though, and larry called us from her cousins party up in New York to wish us a happy new year...larry's cousins took her AWAY from us on new years eve...larry is OURS!

gianma finished work and called me. i got up and showered around 130am and headed down to the crazy house. and yes, i found me some parking in Adams Morgan, some GOOD parking. the party seemed like it would never die. i think i even whispered "die party...die" at some point. at around 8am we were fast asleep back at home.

i couldn't sleep past noon. so i made some delicious cookies. i put them in little decorative bags and hung them on the doors of all my neighbors in the building. gianma can't understand why i do these kinds of things.

my car wouldn't start...for like the 4th time since right before Christmas. screw it, we'd deal with it later. so we walked down to Dupont Circle. it was a really nice sunny, chatty walk too. we ended up at Bistrot de Coin and ordered steaks. he had beer and i was drinking some delicious red wine. Village Beaujolais or something. that meal was SO...DAMN...GOOD. we ordered some more drinks. then we headed out into the cold and walked around the city some more. we ended up at Soussi with Ruben, and i drank even more red wine and he drank even more beer. and we chatted and laughed and it was just a great new years day!!

later on we mysteriously lost like 3 hours. we were chilling at his hurricane rampaged post party house at around 9pm...we don't remember going to sleep, but we woke up and i'll be a monkey's uncle if it wasn't 130am!!! we went to bed at 5...and then i don't remember anything else. happy new year!