Friday, December 29, 2006

lots of fun and work has been going on in life. so, haven't had time to blog any. i also left my camera at moms house over christmas, might be pics on there that makes see eby play more fun...i'll add em' later.

in the meantime, here's pics i recently found of me and friends at and both seem to be nightlife blogs/sites.

i've been to so many delicious parties this holiday season. i've been eating, drinking and partying like a big dog (as my mom would put it). i just told yonas that as soon as we get our memberships to Vida activated, i'm changing my ways. things have gotten way out of hand.

i was in the Washington Post again this past sunday. it featured a very nice (albeit small) photo of me dancing my gig at Cafe Citron. if anyone has a copy, i'd love to have it. gianma picked one up, but my mom snagged it.

i got to see the Thievery Corporation show. gianma and i were supposed to go thursday on robyn's guest list, but we had our holiday dinner with friends (which was too fabulous to even describe) so we decided we'd go on saturday. i was considering going as DJ Christine Moritz's plus one, but then plans changed again concerning gianma's work schedule and we actually went on friday on our friend Fede's guest list. Fede opened for Thievery, he and Natalia (who i didn't even know was a singer!!!) were great. Thievery rocked it too.

Fede is so handsome.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

happy birthday chi chi

last night was chiaki's birthday. yayayayayayayay! we had birthday dinner at Jaleo in Chinatown.

what i just realized about that picture is that you can see the silhouette of my big head to the left. i was doing the same pose next to chiaki and for this gig i wore my everyday hair.

i saw this art project the other day. a group of artists are getting old cigarette machines and turning them into Artomats where you can buy little pieces of art...instead of cigarettes. pretty cool.

up close.

this past sunday was the roma and lazio game. gianma is roma, gianfilippo and seba are lazio. roma was expected to win, since they are the stronger team right now.

last week i sent an email to seba and gf asking if they were ready...ready to be destroyed. i got all kinds of emails containing threats, video clips of lazio beating roma in like 800 BC, advice to learn the gay assed lazio theme song, etc. they even threated to throw my boyfriend and his roma scarf (the one he wears religiously) out the window.

unfortunately, lazio won, and gf had a field day making gm feel bad about it all day. for example, we went out bowling that night and gf's bowling name was "3-0" which was the final game score. poor monkey.

afterwards, me, diana, gf and gm had dinner at zaytinya, which was so yummy. me and gianma headed out to the h street corridor area and quickly checked out the Palace of Wonders. then we headed to dragonfly for the underground soul solution featuring Sam the Man Burns.

this was my first time returning to this party since it left red.

at first i was too tired to go. as soon as i got there everything changed. i heard the music, saw sam on the decks, saw the people dancing, saw so many smiling faces and kissed the cheeks of so many beautiful friends and i said to myself that i was back where i belonged on a sunday night as i stuffed my coat into a corner and wasted no time doing what i do. i wonder how i stayed away for so long.

Friday, December 01, 2006

we were the guest performers for two nights. it was great to see everyone.