Saturday, January 13, 2007

dang i'm tired.

got up at 8:20am. taught 2 classes. ate croissant and black bean soup. ran errands like crazy from store to store. got a bag of groceries. ate 2nd croissant, an obscene quantity of olives (spit the pits out the window as i drove, is that littering?), some cashews, and almost barfed when i got a whif of the "organic gouda, aged at least 60 days" that i bought at the store. tossed it. took a nap. woke up and put on my glittery getup. danced at two restaurants. now i'm home, unpacked, and checking emails at midnight. i am NOT going out tonight. even if it is like 65 degrees out. and everyone is having that i'm missing on out on. fun that would be fun. ohhhhh, but i's so tiiiired. everybody stay in tonight, eby is tired, no party. i think i will get on my couch with a blanket, more olives and watch me one of them there netflix films i got. i got "white", "the little princess" (my favorite since i was a little girl), and "nobody knows". hmmmm...hey, and i'm hungry...i need a hand maiden.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

holiday 06' 07'

some fun pics from the holiday season...

my present wrapping skills

me and moms tree

seba and sara

susie and cesare

shirley smoking

me and gianma

gianfilipo and diana

twins at the sd teachers party

me and mom taking tabla lesson on her birthday