Tuesday, June 24, 2008

dees waz funnn!

i did a new solo to a song that gianma picked by square pusher. i was super scared before i went onstage, but man what a rush once i got going. that was too fun. when i finished i was like "i want some more a that". like a drug, i tell ya.

Monday, June 09, 2008

i just checked online and netherlands is beating italy 2-0...

not good. the boys have been super anxious about this game. they took off work and are at chickens house watching.

i tried calling them, but all their phones are turned off. dianna just sent me an email and says that when she walked into the house no one even looked at her. she says GM has been standing up for 20 minutes. poor boys. if italy loses they will be inconsolable.

sai and i went to the palace last night for some fire.

robin and i almost made it to starscape 08 but wussed out due to the rain. later in the evening the whole crew was at seba and sara's and i was wishing we had braved it, because it was perfect out by then.

i'm not skipping anymore damn festivals. it's just not right for me to do.