Friday, September 30, 2005

dancing elephant

Last night, I was a dancing elephant. See? I left Saint Ex wearing my new tape mask (courtesy of bojangles, the tape boy) singing "SMOOOOOOTH OPERAAAATOOOOOOR".

Then I mosied on over to Blue Room with Gianma. Blue Room is hellish on Thursday nights. It's a wackathon, I tell you. Wackatrocious. Wacktastic. Wackalicous.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

shrimp and cookies

the ONLY reason i'm blogging today is to send people to this link to listen the song that is streamed on the website called "shrimp and cookies". made me snort really loud at work:

i'm leaving the city to hang out with some college friends today. actually, these are my best girlfriends so i'm looking forward to it. most of them are married now, and some of them, babies. hee. it still trips me out. i look at these babies and am sometimes mystified. like 'who gave YOU GUYS a BABY??!??!'

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

an end and another beginning

i'm not doing so well with this whole blogging thing. i don't seem to be able to make the time. either i'm too busy, or too lazy. let me try again.

i found out today that the after hours club RED is closing down in about a week or so. what the hell? rumor has it that the rent was raised...doubled even. so farid is calling it quits.

it was always nice to know that Sam the Man was there every Sunday night if i needed a fix. now what'll i do?

stumbled upon this project:

it made me feel like i've been taking some things for granted.