Wednesday, May 31, 2006


"i love ya Ollie. oh, the places we will go."

we're not going anywhere.

poor poor ollie. i broke one of his suspension thingies over the weekend. i was so bummed. i called Merchants to find out a guestimate of what replacing the suspension on my car would run me. around 500 bucks. this car is worth a grand. waaaaahhhhh!!!

i don't WANT a different car, i want OLLIE. but, i don't know if it makes sense to put that money into this car. maybe it's time to buy another one. but, i only need something that'll last me maybe another year. oh woah is me. woahhhh. woaaaahhhh.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the secret lives of bellydancers

i was in the newwwwwwspaper, look at me.

me and chiaki's names are in quotes.

our real names are margaret and rose.

hehe. this is fun.

in real life we like cooking elaborate meals for our husbands and being dutiful. we eat sparingly to maintain our figures. when we get together for tea we trade housekeeping tips.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ollie the trolley

today i casually logged onto the kelly blue book website to find out how much my beloved 1996 Hyundai Elantra would be worth if say, someone kidnapped my kitten baby for ransom and i needed cash money FAST.

well, old Oliver is worth a mere grand. me and kumie had a good time cracking up and naming objects that are worth more than my car. she held up her shiny new laptop, for one. i pointed out that 1 1/4 professional bellydancer costumes cost more than my car. hmm, almost a years worth of my car insurance payments cost more...something needs to be done about that. a good laugh was had. i love ya Ollie. oh, the places we will go.

Friday, May 19, 2006

tuna free dolphin meat

yvette had been considering venturing into the world of sashimi. she usually only eats rolls when it comes to sushi. chiaki, as you might recall, is my partner in chowhoundom. she's japanese, so yvette kept asking her what type of fish the different peices of the sashimi were. i guess it was starting to get old cause...

yvette: what's this one?

chiaki: that's dolphin.

yvette: *gasp* really?


me and mom had some funnnn on mothers day. first i got up butt assed early and met her for church up in moco. i stopped at my aunt emma's house on the way up and tucked some roses into her front door so she'd get them when she came home from work.

after church we went to the Folger Theater to see The Game of Love and Chance, which was really funny. The actress Tonya Beckman Ross was suuuuuper cute and funny.

then we went and ate some serious yummies at Crostino. mom can be picky with food, but she loved it. we sat at the bar and chatted with Judy the whole time. afterwards we hung out at my place for awhile. while she was playing with sahleel i sprung her surprise on her. the delicious isqueez foot and calf massager.

she is a very happy mom :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

under a desert moon

so, i've been living like a crazy lady for the last week or so. that would be because this weekend marked our 4th annual Under A Desert Moon student gala. it's been all tech rehearsals, costume altering, makeup, wigs, and Arabic music (some of which i made fun of all week). we performed four shows. as usual, it was awesome, but it was sometimes a challenge all through the week to make sure that everything was going smoothly and that we were getting enough sleep and food. the cast party was jumping. my favorite part of the night was when a certain dancer that i love very much said "i think i'm having an out-of-body experience" as she clutched her cosmopolitan. i also felt like i was losing my mind by Sunday night, but we just about danced out of Lebanese Taverna. to top it off, i taught 3 hours of class on Monday night. but it was fun, so it's all good.

so yesterday was Tuesday and after work...i went a NORMAL PERSON. i never take days like this for granted. it's so nice to go home after work, but i always kinda feel like i'm playing hooky from something. i went home and cleaned my house like the crazy woman i am. then i went to the grocery store, like a normal girl. when i got back home i cooked myself some food, like a normal girl. and then i ATE said food and watched a movie (the family stone), like a normal girl. and guess what? today, i get to go HOME after work, AGAIN!