Monday, January 05, 2009

beijing knows how to do lamb! mmm mmm bitch!

last night over dinner i taught Yao and Guo Wei how to say "punk ass bitch". it was hilarious. we all turned into 10 year olds. they taught me some equally offensive Chinese words.

i've watched Moria craft a tribal bra and belt in 2 days. a genious. a little costume making sprite. i'm totally inspired now to get to work on some costuming of my own...

especially since there's a huge show billboard at the studio with me, Moriah and Sabah on it with me wearing the same costume that i brought to perform in. eeeeeeee.

time to get to work.

also? for some reason, i can wake up at 6am on my own here. in the US, i can't bear to wake up earlier than 10am. maybe this is the time zone i'm meant to live in? maybe it's the 2 hour work days :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, it's called jetlag! ;) Good to see you are having fun!!

7:14 AM  
Blogger ami said...

i'm going to do a workshop (hopefully in feb) on how to make tribal bra and belt, no sewing machine required. maybe i'll call gluing shit to shit

11:31 AM  

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